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Future-proof your packaging with the Boardio™ fiber-based canister 

Made with more than 80 percent fiber, Boardio™ is a versatile and sustainable packaging solution that offers excellent product protection, enhanced branding opportunities, and great consumer convenience to ensure your product wins on the retail shelf.  

Designed for a range of applications including dry mixes, coffee, snacks, confectionery, nutrition powders, and more, Boardio is a unique fiber-based alternative to rigid plastic, glass and metal containers. 



  • Made from more than 80% fiber, a renewable raw material derived from trees 
  • Boardio is recyclable in typical paper and board waste diversion programs1 

Operational Efficiency

  • With tailored low to high-barrier protection and flexibility in size, shape, and structure, Boardio can be fully customized to meet your specific product needs and requirements  
  • Delivered flat to the point of filling, a typical Boardio canister can reduce transport requirements by around 90%2 versus a rigid canister  

Brand and Marketing

  • With unique shapes and the ability to print high-quality graphics on all six sides, Boardio provides 360° branding opportunities and differentiation on shelf 
  • Satisfies consumer demand for recyclable packaging alternatives with less plastic  

Consumer Experience

  • Keeps contents fresh thanks to the advanced barrier technology  
  • Easy to open and re-close, with an integrated lid  
  • Easy scoop and pour function





Nutritional products

Infant milk formula


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1 In North America, Western Michigan University (WMU) has performed tests confirming a high level of repulpability and a more than 80% fiber yield. In Europe Boardio has been tested and certified using the German lab Interseroh. 
2 Boardio requires just two trucks to ship one million canisters versus 32 trucks to ship a rigid alternative.